Who should I inform if my parcel is damaged or goods are missing?

If your package is damaged on arrival and/or items are missing, then please contact our customer service team. If the package is damaged, then you will be asked to send us a photo if possible. In the case of a lost parcel, you will be asked to fill out some paperwork.

Who should I inform if my parcel is damaged or goods are missing?2018-11-01T13:19:30+03:00

Can I follow the delivery status of my order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will then receive a shipping confirmation email from us. Depending on the shipping provider, the email will include the tracking number of your package and a link to track the shipping status of your package.

Can I follow the delivery status of my order?2018-11-01T13:18:48+03:00

Can I get orders delivered internationally?

Cross-border deliveries (outside the country in which the order was placed) are currently not possible for logistical reasons. For that reason, orders made from the SANDFOX online shop as well as the billing information and delivery address must be within the EU.

Can I get orders delivered internationally?2018-11-01T13:18:00+03:00

What is click and collect?

With Click & Collect, you can order online from the comfort of your own home without having to pay shipping costs, collect your order in-store, benefit from expert advice and return items to all participating SANDFOX STORES. Place your order in our online shop and select your saved “myStore” or a store in your area from the store finder (under "Deliver to a SANDFOX

What is click and collect?2018-11-01T13:16:54+03:00

Can I get my order delivered to a SANDFOX store?

We offer you a great service with "Click & Collect": you are able get your online orders delivered to one of our SANDFOX stores without paying delivery costs. Simply select the option "Deliver to a SANDFOX store" as an alternative delivery method. You can then get your order sent to your saved “My Store” or select a store in your area using the store

Can I get my order delivered to a SANDFOX store?2018-11-01T13:13:12+03:00

Can I change my address or cancel my order once it has been placed?

Due to fast logistic processes, which should prevent you from waiting a long time for your package, it is not possible to change or cancel a successfully completed order. You are able to return your package to us within 14 days of ordering. If your package has been sent to the wrong address, it will usually be returned to us.

Can I change my address or cancel my order once it has been placed?2018-11-01T13:11:41+03:00

Where does SANDFOX deliver to?

Orders made on our EU online shop will only be shipped within the EU. It is not currently possible to deliver to countries outside the EU (i.e. both the billing and delivery addresses must be in the EU). You are welcome to give an alternative address within the EU or get your package delivered to a SANDFOX STORE of your choice. Please note that

Where does SANDFOX deliver to?2018-11-01T13:10:15+03:00

Which delivery providers are there?

Delivery can be made to your chosen delivery address via Parcelforce or UPS. You can also select our SANDFOX Stores as an alternative delivery address if they participate in our Click & Collect program. Further information about our store finder can be found here at...

Which delivery providers are there?2018-11-01T13:08:22+03:00

How much is postage?

Our postage and packaging rate for online orders is 2.95 EUR. Orders amounting to 4.95 EUR or over qualify for free delivery.

How much is postage?2018-11-01T13:07:07+03:00
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