I forgot to redeem my voucher – can I redeem it retrospectively?

If you forget to redeem your voucher code when placing an order, a retrospective redemption of the voucher is, unfortunately, no longer possible. You can, however, redeem this voucher at any time on a new order.

I forgot to redeem my voucher – can I redeem it retrospectively?2018-11-01T15:00:47+03:00

Why can’t I redeem my voucher?

There are several possible reasons why a coupon or promotional code cannot be redeemed: If you cannot redeem your coupon or promotional code, it may be because the code has been entered incorrectly or that particular promotions cannot be combined. Please ensure you have the correct spelling (taking note of lower and upper case as well as hyphens). Please also note that only one

Why can’t I redeem my voucher?2018-11-01T14:59:35+03:00

How do I redeem my promotional code or newsletter code?

You can redeem your coupon code by entering it into the “Do you have a coupon?” field at the bottom of the shopping cart. Firstly, click on "Do you have a coupon?” to input your code. You can then enter the respective coupon or promotional code. Please note that you must enter the code exactly how it is written in the email or on

How do I redeem my promotional code or newsletter code?2018-11-01T14:58:57+03:00

Is my data secure?

We also use verified encryption technologies to protect your personal details when paying online: All personal and payment data required by our website is encrypted and kept confidential thanks to SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The green bar in the URL guarantees a secure connection and the complete encryption of all data. To protect against the misuse of data, we use 3-D Secure technology for

Is my data secure?2018-11-01T14:58:06+03:00

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on the device. They allow the provider to collect statistical data on the navigation routes, number of visits to their website or hits per page. SANDFOX also elicit this information with the aim of making our websites even more user-friendly, effective and secure. They are also sometimes required for the navigation and functionality of the website. The

What are cookies?2018-11-01T14:57:27+03:00

Why do I need to enter my age?

Your must enter your age, in order to verify that you are over the age required to purchase from our online shop. The minimum age for placing an order in our SANDFOX online shop is 18 years.

Why do I need to enter my age?2018-11-01T14:56:44+03:00

Can I send an order as a gift (i.e. without the invoice included)?

We do not currently offer a gift wrapping service. Unfortunately, it is also not possible for us to send a package without the invoice being contained within the package for gift purposes. The invoice will still be included in the package if you are sending the delivery to an alternative address.

Can I send an order as a gift (i.e. without the invoice included)?2018-11-01T14:54:56+03:00
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