Can I send an order as a gift (i.e. without the invoice included)?

We do not currently offer a gift wrapping service. Unfortunately, it is also not possible for us to send a package without the invoice being contained within the package for gift purposes. The invoice will still be included in the package if you are sending the delivery to an alternative address.

Can I send an order as a gift (i.e. without the invoice included)?2018-11-01T14:54:56+03:00

How do I get my invoice and where can I see it?

An invoice containing the SANDFOX bank details can be found in the attachment sent with your shipping confirmation via e-mail. If the billing addresst corresponds to the delivery address, then the invoice will be enclosed in the shipping box of your order. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to call up your bill via your customer account. If you cannot find your invoice, then

How do I get my invoice and where can I see it?2018-11-01T14:54:24+03:00

Can I cancel my order?

Due to fast logistic processes, which should prevent you from waiting a long time for your package, it is not possible to change or cancel a successfully completed order.

Can I cancel my order?2018-11-01T14:52:38+03:00

Can I change my order/address information retrospectively?

No, our processes are so fast (so that you receive your package as quickly as possible), meaning that a retrospective change of address is no longer possible. If you still wish to change your order, then we ask that you place a new order with your desired items and return the original order to us within 14 days.

Can I change my order/address information retrospectively?2018-11-01T14:51:59+03:00

What is the status of my order?

If you can't wait for your new SANDFOX equipment to arrive, then you can check the status of your order directly from your customer account, or alternatively via Parcelforce if you chose this shipping option.

What is the status of my order?2018-11-01T14:51:13+03:00

Why can’t I complete my order?

Sometimes unforeseen problems can occur. If you have made a mistake, an error message will usually appear. Our customer service is also happy to help you if you cannot complete your order. It is recommended that you keep some details about your issue, such as the error message or which browser you are using, to hand for when you call, or provide screenshots with

Why can’t I complete my order?2018-11-01T14:47:43+03:00

Do I need to register to order?

No, you can also order from the online shop without having an account. To do this, you must simply complete the purchase as a "guest" and then provide your billing information and, if necessary, a different delivery address. After ordering, you will receive a non-recurring customer number, which does not correspond to a registered customer account with us. Your details will only be saved

Do I need to register to order?2018-11-01T14:14:29+03:00

How do I place an order on the SANDFOX online shop?

You can get order products straight to your door at any time from our SANDFOX online shop. You must follow a few steps to complete your order: Click onto the product page of your desired product and select the desired colour and size. Finally, add your article to the basket. You can do this easily by clicking “add to basket”. You then have the

How do I place an order on the SANDFOX online shop?2018-11-01T14:13:46+03:00
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